The Character Karaoke Tag

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       Now I actually have a WIP, so that helps with tags like these!!! Before I didn't, so I was just like, I have no idea how to do this tag, I need to start another story! And now I have, yay!


I know it isn't the best, but I couldn't resist playing around with it! XD

It's your OTP's wedding day, what song plays during their first dance?

       Of course, the first question had to be about romance, which I don't have in my book. I know a lot of people are going to be shipping Josh and Piper, but guys, the last time I tried to write romance I flopped dreadfully!
But I do have a song, if (and that's a big “if”), they do end up becoming more than friends…

Stay with Me by Christina Grimmie

        UGH. I shouldn't be encouraging the shippers, but that song feels like it's MADE for Piper and Josh. It's deep, but it's also energetic and unique.
        I can also see Piper's younger brother, Alex being behind the electronic beat!

       At the wedding this song starts playing, and then someone's like, “Wait, who let the fifteen year old take over the DJ booth?!”
      And then Alex goes crazy with the beat. The wedding guests will be all confused, why is there a fifteen year old boy messing with the beat of the song? Since when did dubstep songs become good wedding songs?? And Piper and Josh will just smile and completely love it, and dance away.

         I am too encouraging, THERE WILL BE NO ROMANCE. I'm sorry.

What song describes your protagonists?

        Well, I have three protagonists right now, because I've decided that I want my book to be told through three different points of view, Piper's, Josh's, and Alex's. Basically, I'm going to write a novella of each of the character's story, and then later combine them into one novel. Piper is really the main MC, but Josh and Alex don't know that, so I write them like they're the MC.

Piper's song is probably Moon and Back by Alice Kristiansen

This describes Josh's life pretty well: Alone by NF

And Alex is a bit more emotional with You Don't Know cover by Ben Thomas

Any characters with instruments or ties to instruments?

       Alex. Even though he currently only has his voice, he's very musically skilled, so he wouldn't have a hard time picking up an instrument and learning it with ease.

Go to songs for romance, or intense scenes?

        I like listening to Simply Three, Dallas String Quartet, Jennifer Thomas, and Lindsey Stirling while writing.

What song matches the first scene of your book?

        Since I'm writing Alex's story first, and Piper is going to open the book, I technically don't have a first scene yet… But if my book became a movie the song to open the movie would be We Don't Eat by Alice Kristiansen

        It would show Piper and Alex getting ready for school, eating, grabbing their backpacks, and not looking at each other or saying a word. Then it would cut to Josh, lurking in a dark alley in a big city, leaning against a wall, smoking, and looking bored. Then back to Piper and Alex walking to school, and then back to Josh throwing his cigarette on the ground and stepping out into the sun, glancing around, and so on.
         Meanwhile the song plays. Does that make sense? It does in my head, but I'm not sure about on paper…

If your book was made into a T.V. show, what would the intro be?

        I honestly don't think my book could be a T.V. show, it's not that kind of story. Also, intros for T.V. shows are usually catchy and upbeat, and that's not my book. Honestly, if I had an intro it would probably be more gloomy and depress everyone watching, so that they all click off… XD

If you received a call from an agent saying you're being published, what is you celebrating song?

     Besides the sound of my overjoyed and disbelieving screaming? Um, I don't know…

       This is an open tag, if you want to do it, feel free and consider yourself tagged!
 Have you heard any of these songs?
What did you think??

Happy Writing,


A Tag // I Reveal My Latest Plot and WIP!

    I was planning to do a tag before school started, unfortunately I lost my (very long)  list of tags, yes, I actually had a handwritten list. It was around two pages, because I am a horrible person who takes forever to do tags. XD

        But luckily, Ry tagged me! AND I'M GOING TO DO THIS ONE.

I guess I should give y'all a brief update abut my writing life...

           Remember the story that I told y'all about, the one with a dragon trying to raise a human baby? Well, that's not on the back burner or anything, I just decided to put it down for a while, because I don't think the story is complicated enough for a whole book or even a novella, so I'm thinking about re-writing it into a children's book someday! (Like when I learn how to format that...)
            Now, I have another story brewing, and it's kind of complicated, and I haven't thought up the WHOLE plot yet, but y'all have read of few of the snippets in my posts about snippets...
             Here we go!

Who is the most favorite out of alllllllll the characters you've  ever come up with?

Piper Anson! Even though she is still just an idea followed by a few snippets of writing.


Because she's going to be my MC, so I naturally get attached to my MCs. Although I might get attached to Josh (Yes, the guy who paid for her to go to the art show in one snippet) more, because he already has a good backstory and I love it when my characters have automatic backstories!

What are some positive and negative factors about them?

Piper is very selfless, she loves others and would do anything for her loved ones, which also makes her very loyal. Unfortunately, she is a bit naïve, and at times she struggles with herself, because she wants to be selfish, despite her selfless heart.

Josh is a rougher type of person (No, I promise I will never describe him a "brooding", heavens forbid!) I have decided not to reveal his whole backstory with y'all on here yet, due to some more PG13 level to it. But soon. Anyways, back to his character, Josh is a very tenderhearted person, although he hides it well most of the time. He's a big dreamer, even though he let's reality crush his dreams too often. His biggest weakness is his love for money.

Do they compare to you or someone you know in anyway?

Nope! I try not to do that with characters, although sometimes I see my characters having similar traits as my siblings... oops. I doubt Piper and Josh will though, due to the fact that they are teens, except I might make Josh a little older, around twenty.

What's  their favorite color and why?

I've never thought of this before... umm....

Piper's is probably yellow, because she's a generally happy and cheerful morning person.

Josh likes red, because he can be impulsive at times and he feels like red reflects that.

Do they have siblings? Elaborate

      Piper has a fifteen year old brother, named Alex. And she also has a twenty-four year old brother named Ian.

Josh has three younger sisters he hasn't seen in years.

Do they struggle with anything?

Piper struggles with the fact that her mom is in the hospital with the need for surgery (I haven't done a lot of research yet, sorry for being vague) and the fact that they don't have any money.

Josh struggles with his past.

Are they popular, outcast or just "ordinary"?

Piper is just ordinary in the eyes of most teens her age. Her family is lower-class, but she carries herself in a way that people immediately like her.

Josh is a complete outcast, considering his line of work...

What is their motto, goal or drive?

Piper wants to travel from Seattle all the way to New York in order to showcase her artwork at a national show, in order to make money to pay for her mom's medical needs.

Josh wasn't a good guy when he met Piper, but for some reason he feels compelled to help her reach New York.  

So what did you think?

Happy Writing,


Should We Hate Romance in YA?

         Every once in a while, I'll check out a book from the library and decide that before I read it that I want to see what other readers thought, so I go to Amazon and read a couple of reviews, and there's always, always one review that says something along the lines of this, “It would've been a good book, if it wasn't for the AWFUL romance! Why can't guys and girls ever be just friends in books?!” 
         And although I am not one of those romance haters, I can understand why people would feel that way, and maybe why I should too. Which, brings up my question of the day: Should we hate romance in YA?

            So romance. I'm personally not a hater, but I'm not a huge fan, once a month I get into this weird mood, where all I want to do is curl up with a work of Jane Austen, L.M. Montgomery, John Green, or Stephanie Perkins, and so I do. But then after that I return back to my top three favorite genres, General Fiction, Science Fiction, and Fantasy. And that's basically the end of my romance novel reading until next month.
          But I don't hate romance novels, and I have no problem with reading books that have a romantic subplot, sometimes romantic subplots are necessary or they help add more to the story.

          Let's look at this debate from both sides, first we have the cons. The cons are against romantic subplots, and they prefer not to read romance novels all the time, which is totally fine. But why are the cons so against love in YA? Well here are a few of the reasons:

  • People can just be friends. It seems like every single girl and guy relationship in YA just can't stand to remain platonic, when in fact in reality, a lot of girls and guys that are friends are just that… friends. No benefits, no nothing. Just two people who enjoy each others company like they would enjoy any other of their friends companionship.

  • Takes away from the actual plot. Sometimes romance simply isn't needed. After all, shouldn't the two main characters be killing bad guys, coming up with a plan, or saving someone's life, when instead they're kissing? Shouldn't they be more concerned with their problems than making out??

  • Insta love. It feels like sometimes the author of the book your reading makes two characters fall in love (or in infatuation) just to make them fall in love. They don't really connect and their relationship doesn't add anything to the story, its just there.

  • The mushiness. Ugh. For the sake of our sanity and our gag reflexes, spare us from the constant PDA and mushy dialogue! No one needs or wants this!!!

            Okay, now that we have looked at some of the cons points, let's examine some of the pros. The pros think romance is beautiful and necessary to most books, they like romantic subplots, and they believe if done right, romance in books can perfect them. Here are their reasons:

  • People fall in love. This is pretty apparent, it's kinda the reason mankind is still around, so why hide this fact for the sake of people who want more platonic relationships in YA? Sure, guys and girls can be just friends, but they also can be more than that too.

  • Adds to the actual plot. Subplots are meant to add to the main plot, and a romantic subplot is nevertheless a subplot, whether it be romantic or not. Love can give characters motives, it can make characters do great or horrific things.

  • It's reality. Most people fall in love at least once in their lives, even some teens actually fall in love, so why shouldn't it be the same in books? Aren't books suppose to be something people can relate to??

  • It makes sense. If you're in a tough situation with someone, there's a chance that at the end of the ordeal, you'll both be attached to each other emotionally, now maybe this isn't the most stable thing, but it does make sense, and it does make for a good story and a happy ending or a tragic one, depending on the way one twists it. 

         All in all, I can see both sides, and I agree with both sides. Although I prefer to not write romance or even romantic subplots, since I have no real personal experience with such things, I have no problem reading them or even with other people writing them.
       And who knows? Maybe one day I will write a romance novel or have a book with that as a subplot, and that day could be soon. It all depends on what I think is best for my story.

        In the end, it's your writing, and it's your story, no one but you can write it for you. If romance adds to your plot and strengthens or weakens your characters in a good way, by all means, do it.

         Like anything, romantic subplots can be used in a way that is good and fun to read or it can be used in the opposite way. It all depends on the author.

So, which side are you on, and why?

Happy Writing,

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