The Book I Didn't Know I Needed // Much Fangirling about The Blood Race

        I have a horrible confession to make…
      It took me forever long to sit down and really read this.  

*whacks self with wet pool noodle*

         Sometimes I’m a big procrastinator, and this book was one of the things I procrastinated on.

           I think it was because the first chapter didn’t really sell me, I wasn’t hooked at first, so I ended up putting the book down for a while, luckily, I picked it back up and gave it a second try because OH MY GOODNESS WOW, IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

Blurb (from goodreads):

He’s spent his life running from who he is. She’s been trying to escape her past for 100 years…
Born with unexplainable abilities he struggles to control, college student Ion tries desperately to integrate into his new school and finally put his dark past behind him. But after making a serious enemy, which leads to an accidental rendezvous with the mysterious old man next door— and his hauntingly beautiful but troubled young protégée Hawk, Ion realizes his life will never be normal again.

Late one evening, Hawk drags him by the hand into a closet-turned-rabbit-hole to an extra dimension, and Ion finds himself stumbling involuntarily into a secret society of training for “anomalies,” teenagers with a special set of abilities. Just like him.
As they train to become Protectors of future Earth, battling each other as well as their own demons, both Ion and Hawk begin to realize that they are far more alike than they realized. Unsettlingly so.

When the Dimension is shaken by an unthinkable betrayal, will an ancient prophecy bring Hawk and Ion together—or will a deadly threat hidden in plain sight cost them both their powers… and their lives?


       Science fiction and fantasy has always blown my mind, and I have a great respect for writers who can pull it off while making the elements of the world feel 100% realistic, and it turns out that K.A. Emmons is amazingly talented at that, I was blown away completely.

         It was epic, y'all.


          So you know Aslan, Gandalf, Dumbledore, and all of the other amazing mentors/leaders in fiction? Yeah, Sensei's up there. He's amazing and mysterious, honestly one of the best mentors I've read in YA in a while.

           My favorite character was Hawk. I ADORE rougher characters--characters that have been through a lot, survivors, if you will. And she was AMAZING. She's not perfect by any means, and that's what I love about her. Hawk is so gritty and real.

           AND FIN. 💖💖💖 There's not much more I can say, I adored him.  💖

          As for Ion, he was great as well. I really really like reading MCs that are males, especially in this genre. His voice and POV was refreshing. Ion is sweet, naïve, a little bit of a trouble maker, and very conflicted, which was so amazing to read.

         The only character I didn't like was Mel. THANK GOODNESS SHE'S NOT A MAIN CHARACTER. I don't know if she was suppose to be likeable, but I never saw what Ion liked about her. She was just so clingy and whiney and senseless... like, girl, why? XD


          Car races, leaping off cliffs, flying, training, fighting, powers. YES. JUST YES.

         Now, time for the things I didn't like...

-THERE'S A FREAKING PROPHECY WHICH HAS TWO HALVES OF A SOUL!!!!! *horrified gasp* NOOOOOO. This book is so so so unique and then there's this cliché. *huffs in frustration*

-The cliffhanger (jk. I loved the ending, but WHY MUST K.A. EMMONS LEAVE US IN SUSPENSE?!?!?)

-Mild swear words implied, as well as the use of "hell" in a few scenes.

-Two characters end up getting drunk.

-A character was raped as a child. 


        I enjoyed this book so much! I would highly recommend it, and it is now one of my favorites. Now I wait for the next one...... that cliffhanger was cruel....

 Have you read The Blood Race?
Do you plan to?
ALSO: If you were wondering why one word was in bold at the beginning, it was because I am taking part in Libby May's scavenger hunt, which you can read more about HERE if you are interested in winning some books.
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THE 5 PART WRITING SPECIAL | part 3: Main Character(s)

Introduce your Main Character(s):

-Piper Anson is a seventeen year old aspiring artist, she is a hopeless dreamer as well as hopelessly optimistic. Her passion in life is art, and she hopes to make the world a more colorful place and bring joy to people one day.

-Alex Anson is Piper’s fifteen-year-old brother, he loves music and singing, but he is too shy to sing in front of people, so he sings to himself whenever he’s alone. He doesn’t really know what he wants for his future, he just wants to make it through the day.

-Josh is a nineteen-year-old runaway and a rebel without a cause, he use to enjoy the party scene, and in his slurred words “livin’ it up”, but lately he’s given up, leaving his old life behind and hiding away in one of his friend’s apartments, trying to forget it all.  

How are the goals of the main character and the villain clashing?

Since this is general fiction, the only real villains are life events and the characters’ mistakes. There are a few side antagonists, such as Alex’s bullies, though.  

What motivates your MC?

-Piper is motivated by hope and passion.

-Alex is motivated by his friend and his friend’s family’s support and the hope for something better.

-Josh is pretty much dragged into everything.

What lie does your MC believe in?
-Piper starts to believe that she isn’t strong enough.

-Alex doesn’t believe that he could amount to anything.

-Josh believes that he is too far gone.

What is one trait the MC disapproves of in his/herself?

-Piper is happy-go-lucky at the start, but she starts to hate her naivetés.

-Alex hates the fact that he can’t bring himself to fight back.

-Josh just hates himself (and why or how that affects his actions is too much to get into).  

What does the MC love about him/herself?

-Piper loves the fact that she can draw inspiration from pretty much anything.

-Alex loves how he can think through most things.

-Josh doesn’t know anymore. 

What is your MC’s greatest strength and weakness?

-Piper is very motivated and full of joy, and she’s good at pulling other’s in and making them feel like a person again. But she’s also naïve to the point of a fault, she sometimes fails to understand reality.

-Alex is brave and kind, although he doesn’t realize how brave he is. His fault is the fact that his mind won’t let him win.

-Josh is very street smart, he’s no stranger to how to survive on his own, making him the person to go to for protection. His greatest weakness is his habit of trying to ignore his problems instead of facing them.   

What does your MC like to do when they’re bored?

-Piper: paint.

-Alex: listen to music.

-Josh: *shrugs*

What does the MC look like?**None of the pictures are mine, all credit to the original creators**


How is your MC similar to and different from you?

      This one's hard (and depressing, sheesh)...especially with three characters...

I've been good and answered all of these questions this time, so I think I can skip this... XD


I don't really know what to put here today...
What's your favorite type of coffee?
What's your favorite ice-cream flavor (I'm asking the important questions here, duh)??
What did you think of my characters?
 Happy Writing,


How to Understand Your Characters

            You step into the small café, looking around until you see them, waving you over.

            Sliding into your chair, you study them, some details are bright and direct, others are still a little blurry.

            “Nice to meet you,” you smile, shaking their hand, “I’m the author writing your story.”

            They smile back, “Charmed. I’m your character.”

            You and your character are chatting easily until you hit that awkward jolt in the conversation.  Why?

            “But why?” you ask, interrupting your character as they tell you a story. “Why did you do that? Why did you think that?”

            They fall silent, looking down at their coffee. “I… don’t know.” They finally whisper.

            And neither do you, which is the problem.


            Okay, maybe you didn’t reach this block while having a conversation with your character over espressos, but maybe you reached this while typing on your laptop or writing in your notebook.

           One second your character is doing something heartbreaking or astoundingly vile, and then the next you stop and realize you don’t really know a reason for them to act or think that way.


    There are several things to analyze when trying to figure out your character’s motive or way of thinking.


1. What do they fear?

           Fear is a powerful thing. From simple things like dogs, to bigger things like failure and being alone, fear influences many of our actions.

The fear of rejection can make people become followers or bullies, simply because they don’t want their peers to reject them.

 What is your character’s greatest fear, and how does it affect their everyday lives?

 2. How did they grow up?

        Children are highly vulnerable, such things as neglect and abuse (verbal and non-verbal), can affect their behaviors for the rest of their lives if not addressed and taken care of.
          A study conducted by researchers at UCLA (read more about it here) came back with results that show that abuse and neglect greatly affects the way a person thinks, even stating, “Childhood abuse increases adult risk for morbidity and mortality."

 3. What were / are their surroundings like?

       From poverty to mansions, your characters surroundings throughout their lives changed the way they see things.

What were their surroundings like (school, home, church etc.)?  
       How did said surroundings make them feel? Threatened? Loved? Rejected?


4. Who do they love? And what lengths would they go to keep or protect them?

      Love and misguided adoration can make people do terrible things (especially characters).  
     An example of this in fiction is Anakin and Padme. Anakin adored Padme, causing him to be able to be manipulated to do horrible things when it came to the promise of saving her life. 

  5. What do they believe in?

  Is your character religious? If so, what religion and how does it affect their everyday life and way of thinking?

If they aren't, why not? How does this affect their everyday life and way of thinking?

What kind of person are they when it comes to believing in something? Do they blindly follow, or are they more cautious?

 I hope this helped!

 Do you have trouble getting to know your characters?
How do you evaluate them?

Happy Writing,

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