My Current WIP

This is just a mock cover I threw together.

Genre: general fiction/Christian
Level: Young Adult
Length so far (updated whenever I remember): 2,000 words


     Three souls. Three stories. One God.

      When Piper and Alex Anson's sick mother gradually becomes worse and worse, they have no idea what to do, or what's going on.
        After a doctors visit, Mrs. Anson reveals something horrible with only two words: Lung Cancer.
         Which means treatment, which means money the Anson's don't have.
           Desperate for money to save their mother's life, both seventeen year old Piper, and fifteen year old Alex set off to try to earn money using their secret talents.
            Piper is an artist. Alex is a singer.
             Piper sets off to New York, where a art convention is being held where artists can sell their works, along the way she comes across a boy, Josh who has some of his own secrets... dark secrets.

               Alex sets off to face his biggest fear: singing in front of others. He heads to a national contest, in hopes of a miracle, after all, he has to try.
               Of Broken Things and Paint Splatterings is about broken dreams, dying relationships, hopes and fears, and facing one's nightmares and fixing them.  
                 Told from three points of view, three different stories entwined into one.

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