How to Join Rebellious Writing

       #RebelliousWriting is a movement a few other bloggers and I have started. It is a movement where we rebel against books with smut, muck, and vileness in them.
Read my two posts:
Dear Writers,
and #RebelliousWriting to get a general idea.

It is very simple to join, here are a few basic pointers:

    1. Place the #RebelliousWriting image on your blog and link it to my #RebelliousWriting post using an image gadget.

  2. Share the #RebelliousWriting image on your social medias if you have any, you also might want to share Catherine's memes, which I have put on the Rebellious Writing Memes page. 

  3.  If you have a blog to one or multiple posts about #RebelliousWriting, I gave you some ideas in my #RebelliousWriting post for that.
  4. Try to recommend good books to your friends and family, and warn people against bad books.

  5. Start writing! Let's overwhelm the world with wholesome literature once again!!

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